Chatt Hills Music aims to bring the community together to enjoy a diverse line-up of live musicians.

We are committed to bringing a well-rounded music program to Serenbe and the surrounding communities. You are apt to hear Americana, Singer/Songwriter, Jazz, Rock or Classical music on any given night.


As a touring musician, playing Chatt Hills Music feels like coming home. The hosts treat you like family, and the audience listens to every note. It’s been a treat to be part of such a special series.
— Liz Longley
I had the pure joy of working with Ron at Chatt Hills Music. The audience was so attentive and inspiring, I’d come back anytime!
— Sarah Potenza
The Chatt Hills Music House Concert Series is a gig any artist should feel lucky to secure; it’s not often that the environment/atmosphere is conducive to a bit of storytelling in addition to performance.
— Shana Tucker
Playing at Chatt Hills was pure magic. It was immediately clear to me that this series has the quality experience you’d get at any of the country’s best concert halls, but with the attention to detail, care and intimacy you’d find at a private house concert. That is an incredibly rare combination, and an environment like that creates something truly special between and artist and an audience- a feedback loop where each feeds off the other and by the end of the show you feel as if you’ve all been transported somewhere together. Chatt Hills is an absolute gem, and a maker of memories.
— Heather Maloney
Just a note of thanks for allowing my family, to step into your world a while. The setting was amazing, Mike Farris was awesome. Moisture and changes in temperature can wreak havoc on keeping a guitar right. I believe he handled it well. The audience was friendly, it ended to soon. It was an experience that will remain with me for a very long time.
— Timothy Crisler
My first Chatt Hills music experience was the Bones of J R Jones, and it was incredible. I am excited to see Mike Farris. Thank you for bringing such diverse artists into the neighborhood. It is truly a treat! I prefer red wine over white. Thank you so much!
— Lindsey Brush


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