Chatt Hills Music aims to bring the community together to enjoy a diverse line-up of live musicians.

We are committed to bringing a well-rounded music program to Serenbe and the surrounding communities. You are apt to hear Americana, Singer/Songwriter, Jazz, Rock or Classical music on any given night.


As a touring musician, playing Chatt Hills Music feels like coming home. The hosts treat you like family, and the audience listens to every note. It’s been a treat to be part of such a special series.
— Liz Longley
I had the pure joy of working with Ron at Chatt Hills Music. The audience was so attentive and inspiring, I’d come back anytime!
— Sarah Potenza
The Chatt Hills Music House Concert Series is a gig any artist should feel lucky to secure; it’s not often that the environment/atmosphere is conducive to a bit of storytelling in addition to performance.
— Shana Tucker




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